The rise of required prior authorizations is inevitable, but the administrative overhead associated with it doesn’t have to be. With prior authorization volume growing by a steady 14% each year, practices are having to either increase FTE spend to meet the demand or find an alternative to address the time-consuming and expensive process. Unfortunately, adding additional manpower to manage the growing burden is both expensive and unsustainable.

Adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to automate prior authorization helps streamline your practice and maximize efficiency among clinical staff. When you have artificial intelligence on your team, the time-consuming process of preparing and faxing prior authorization bundles are no longer. AI automates the submission process—pulling appropriate documents, navigating hundreds of different health plans and payer rules, tracking statuses, and addressing problems as they arise—freeing clinical staff of the busy work that once kept them from patients.

The hours previously spent on authorizations can now be reallocated to improving patient care, or other responsibilities around the organization. Practices of all sizes have been reducing FTE spend while increasing efficiency.

Case Study: Two Orthopedic Practices Gain Control of Prior Authorization, Saving Time, People, & Money

In the case of two premier orthopedic practices, the clinical staff was inundated with rising volumes of prior authorizations. Juggling patient care duties and administrative work—with little time to dedicate to it—was a significant pain point for these practices. Clinical nurses were working overtime to help shepherd prior authorizations along with constant back-and-forths with surgical facilities.

Both practices turned to Verata Health’s artificial intelligence platform to regain control over their prior authorizations and saw dramatic improvements a short time after launching with Verata.

  • Clinical staff were relieved of 90% of administrative busywork
  • Completely eliminated nurse overtime for prior authorization work
  • Reduced prior authorization FTE spend by 59% while adding a new surgeon to the practice

Eliminating manual processes and handing busywork over to artificial intelligence dramatically transformed these practices in a matter of months. How many of your clinical and administrative staff spend hours combing through medical records, calling payers, and chasing hundreds of prior authorizations? In a rapidly shifting financial market, these manual processes are expensive and unsustainable.

That’s why practices across the country are leveraging artificial intelligence and automation to maximize efficiency and save time, save people, and save money.

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