Delight your members and network providers

Prior authorization doesn’t have to be a burden. Leverage artificial intelligence and deliver point of care decisions through electronic prior authorizations to your network providers, so your patients get the right care at the right time.

Deliver Frictionless Prior Authorization® with Verata


Electronically Accept and Approve Prior Auths

Verata solves both sides of the fax machine, so your nurse reviewers spend less time chasing faxes and performing manual clinical reviews.


Streamline Your Utilization Management

Free yourself with effortless clinical reviews, and empower your Utilization Management to expand its horizons.


Get Smarter, Faster

Leverage comprehensive reports driven by powerful artificial intelligence to identify opportunities for cost-savings and member satisfaction.

Complete Control Over Utilization Management Reviews For Faster Approvals

Verata Health delivers complete control over your prior authorization reviews for fastaer approval, including simple to complex prior authorizations with large amounts of clinical documentation. Verata provides an immediate ROI through operational efficiency and better utilization management.

Improve Member Satisfaction By Delivering Better Patient Care

Enable faster decisions at the point of care and provide immediate access to health services that are crucial to delighting your members. Verata Health has a net promoter score of 75, showing that health care services can be administered with quality, cost efficiency, and compliance.

“The way to solve this problem is to work together and obsolete the fax machine. At the end of the day, it’s about ensuring patients get appropriate care.”

– Dr. Jeremy Friese, CEO of Verata Health

Are you ready to transform prior authorizations for your members? Verata can help.

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