Webinar for the Minnesota Hospital Association membership to be held November 6, 2019


Faced with growing prior authorization burden across the state of Minnesota the Minnesota Hospital Association announced a webinar with Dr. Jeremy Friese, CEO of Verata Health, Matt Anderson, Interim CEO of Minnesota Hospital Association, and Nate Dell, VP of Revenue Cycle Management at North Memorial Health to understand the current challenges faced by Minnesota providers and potential solutions. Joe Schindler, VP of Finance of Minnesota Hospital Association, will moderate the webinar to be held on Wednesday, November 6 at noon CST.

Hosted by the Minnesota Hospital Association, the webinar will provide an update on Prior Authorization (PA) advocacy efforts in Minnesota as well as highlight the ways in which Minnesota hospitals and health systems are working to reduce patient delays and billing denials related to PA challenges. Best practices and transformational improvements to PA processes using artificial intelligence will also be discussed.

Manual, time-consuming prior authorizations are a major bottleneck for medical care, leading to delays in obtaining necessary tests and procedures for patients. According to the American Medical Association, 92 percent of physicians report patient care delays due to PA. For clinics and hospitals, the impact is also financial. In recent years, errors in prior authorizations have grown to account for 30% of all provider write-offs. Industry experts quote a cost of $20-50 per prior authorization and tens of thousands more per physician annually due to expensive write-offs. By leveraging powerful artificial intelligence, Verata Health’s provider and hospital customers across the country are automating both simple and complex prior authorizations, dramatically reducing staff burden, increasing patient throughput and reducing costly write-offs.

“After spending nearly two decades practicing medicine and helping lead the most profitable department at Mayo Clinic, I launched Verata Health to help patients get the care they deserve by solving the national PA problem. I’m proud that our proven artificial intelligence platform is helping patients across the country and providing immediate financial value for providers,” said Dr. Friese.

About Verata Health

Verata Health is a Minnesota-based, physician-led company changing the way medical practices and hospitals tackle the challenges presented by obtaining prior authorization (PA). By leveraging powerful artificial intelligence, Verata Health automates both simple and complex prior authorizations thereby delivering immediate financial value and most importantly helping patients get the care they deserve. For more information please visit http://www.veratahealth.com.

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