Artificial intelligence is here to solve prior authorization for providers and payers.

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With hundreds of millions of prior authorizations required every year, patients, providers, and payers are feeling the pain of a cost control measure that is weighing down the U.S. health care system.

According to a study by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), prior authorization ranks as the No. 1 burden among physicians. For patients, prior authorizations is among the top reasons for delays in medical tests and treatments.

And the time and resources every stakeholder—patients, providers, and payers—spends on prior authorizations is real.

Physician practices spend an average of $68,274 per physician per year interacting with health plans, according to Health Affairs. That equates to between $23 billion and $31 billion annually. Payers face equally steep costs to maintain a manual system reliant on fax machines, phone calls, and manual nurse reviews, while facing mounting patient dissatisfaction.

Faced with rising administrative costs, physician burnout, and patient dissatisfaction, health care leaders are eager to address the growing challenges of prior authorizations.

In this white paper, explore the pain points behind prior authorization and gain insight into how artificial intelligence technologies are obsoleting the fax machine for providers and payers.

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